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Things.. Things…and More Things….

Have you ever felt like something or someone was holding you back from doing something great?

The way I function is I am very pro-active when it comes to things. If I know there is a situation I try to resolve it before it becomes a giant issue when everything fails. I have been forced to become re-active to these kinds of situations and not be allowed to take the proper steps to make the needed repairs. This alludes to the downtime that we had on the site Friday and Saturday. Now not everything was something I would have had full control over but I would have made the repairs and had it back up and running within a few hours.

We have rebuilt the wazee streaming network to be redundant, so that if any problems are to arise we can quickly put the backup in place and continue streaming the great music everyone loves. However there are certain portions that I have no control over. Certain portions, that I have pointed out are a source for catastrophic failure of the damn whole thing. We have been trying for 4 months to get this taken care of but our cries fall on deaf ears.

We have been running wazee since March. In that time I believe we have made great progress in rebuilding wazee into the greatness it once was. Steve, Will, Zach, and I have put great efforts into building a network of streaming servers and relays to make sure everything runs in tip top shape at all times. We have tried to fix the website so that it is better serving everyone. However, this is one of the things we have no control over. We are currently having a new website being built that will give wazee a fresh new look and try to breath some more life back into the community.

I am trying everyday to contact the person who retains control of these things. At this point however, it is looking very grim as all of our emails, phone calls, text messages, smoke signals, and telegraphs have been ignored. I am truly sorry for what I feel I am going to have to do to get the attention of the person that hold all the keys.


On November, 17th at 7PM EST, I have given my notice to terminate radio.wazee unless communication is restored and things are changed.

To all the listeners of wazee: If you would like to see wazee stay online. Please email contact@wazee.org and let them know that you love wazee and want it to continue.


Dr. Dyno


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